Devotion – What Do We Do with an Empty Tomb?

What next? I woke up the morning after Easter Sunday with that thought on my mind. After all, Easter is a the biggest deal of all time but life moves on, even for an exhausted pastor. What next? The same thought occurred to the joyful disciples. Now that he is risen what are we supposed to do? The pattern is set from the very first as the women run from the empty tomb to share the good news with the disciples. That’s what we are supposed to do-run and tell! Peter unconsciously follows suit when, back by the Sea of Galilee, he blurts out, “I’m going fishing.” We all know that he will be fishing alright; for men and women. Jesus’ commissions is crystal clear: “Go into the world to preach the good news to all.”

But maybe the details are a little vague? Where should I preach the good news? Here? Haiti? At work? On the soccer field sidelines? Yes, yes, yes and yes. Maybe you need to go somewhere special or maybe just go about your life. But share new life wherever you go by bringing new found hope, bottomless joy, horizonless love, and ocean deep peace. How? We have plenty of pastors, what we need are Marys and Peters and Pauls and Lydias. Don’t worry about what you will say, but make sure you listen, a lot, and pray. God will guide your sincere heart to express just what your friends need to hear. When? Now would be a good time, the best time in fact. As the angels said to the women who were frozen stiff in fear and wonder at that empty tomb, “Get going!” That’s what’s next.