Devotion – Holy Week

I’ve been traveling a lot lately so the realization that this is Holy Week hit me like an unexpected speed bump. I know I had 40 days of Lent to get my act together but here I am, startled and unprepared for the sacrifice and the salvation to come. I have precious little time to get ready to climb into the upper room, to run for freedom from the garden, to cower in the courtyard, to feel my eyes burn with grief, to simmer and stew in guilt and shame for my weakness. I’m running but I am running behind.

As Grace would have it, a lilting tune by Head and Heart whispered to me on my morning bike ride today. These words came not as a chiding but a blessing to me.

The world’s just spinning a little too fast
If things don’t slow down soon we might not last
The world’s not forgiving Of everyone’s fears
The days turn into months the months turn into years
So just for a moment, let’s be still
Of course I’m not in the zone. I’m overwhelmed. Just like they were. Except I still have taxes to do and I doubt that they even filed. The prophecy may have required three days but their spirits required it as well. He came to a spinning world and gave it a great whirl. But he also gave us the gift of a holy pause. A break in time out of our control but firmly in his hands. Receive the good news that it is about to get crazy until it stops. And then it will get good. Real good. Have no fear. Sit and watch. Somehow there will be just enough time to be still. And know. That He is risen.
by: Andy Hagen

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